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I stored some of my important, or just memorable files from the old website in one place, available for download. Unfortunately, thanks to the crappy Fo.Ru webhosting, where my old website is hosted, most of my files have been lost, although I was able to find some of the essential files to back them up.

Open the chest to see the backed up files. The files left are :

  • RA3 Replays

  • Arthursov.SAV

  • Quantum Solace

  • Videos.rar

  • Daelin's Story

  • Hurghada Evil + bonus map.rar

  • Minecraft Worlds Backup

RA3 Replays is the folder, containing some of my epic online Red Alert 3 battles (the fraction that was not lost due to Fo.Ru crappiness.) I also put txt files as a description for each battle.

Arthurov.SAV is my Zoo Empire zoo I built on March 2013.

Quantum Solace is one of the two Heroes of Might and Magic IV maps I made (quality-made, done in conscious age.) This file requires a password. A password is initials of protagonists [NSNSNS, where N is name and S is surname], sorted in an alphabetical order by name. Name is paired with surname, and surname is ignored in sorting. Should you have a question or need for a password — contact me.

Hurghada Evil — is the first quality HoMM IV map I made. Password to the archive, containing the map, is the very first link of my old website [no http:// or www.]. The archive also contains auxiliary map Hurghada fanfic, which comes as a bonus to the main map.

Videos and Daelin's Story are password protected as well. The password is also the first link to my website.

Finally, there are backed up Minecraft Worlds I used to build when I was a teenager. I started building worlds from Minecraft beta pre-release 1.7.3 (New Arthurland), later switching to 1.8.1 (And newer minecraft versions in subsequent worlds), and started utilising mods. Unfortunately, the majority of the worlds were lost (thanks again to Fo.Ru), although I was able to find some of the newer worlds among old files on my hard drives. You can find those backed up worlds in the relevant folder.

Due to crappy internet connection in Egypt in the past (and to this day, by the way (18.02.2021)) and to the crappiness of Fo.Ru, I was only able to upload the saves themselves - and not the whole minecraft archived. That being said, unfortunately, it is up to you, to find and download those obsolete minecraft versions along with corresponding mods, if you plan to fully enjoy the experience of my worlds.

Each world has its own original description (umodified since I uploaded them to the old website) in .docx .


To sum up, those backed up files are very 'potent' files, as they posses magical essence, since they were made, being fed by time, energy, inspiration, mood etc. — how one would say — 'made with love'. And I would say that minecraft worlds, of course, were the most 'resource' — demanding.

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